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                ( RSR )Best Quality and       Performance!

What RSR Racing Ski centeR did and why !
Label quality, competence and excellence...
The mastery of the RSR ski racing internationnally proven for many years.
His skill is known and recognized that allows independent professional sports complex to replace and / or consolidate the works of clubs, committees, federations or ski schools that don't have the time or polytisportifs ways to support the needs of all.
To follow the good progress of athletes with the will to win and persevere, RSR supports short, medium and long term athletes of all ages, organizing lot of intensive camps during the year.( see planing camp ).
Despite the desire and passion, the sport career of many riders without solution, having no more protection of their sports policy to which they belong.
Provided that your original club, understands and accepts that he's no longer able to meet your needs, your desires and your goals ( professionnal and recreational ), you can continue to run under its colors, othersize, other clubs are ready to welcome you.
The structure you shape and prepares for all situatutions of high presure.
Equipment for training and logistics is at the top.
As the ski surgeon, his Manager, Romain, advises and consults on all levels!
See you very fast on skis...

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Internarional Professionnal Center, routing to the best level in Alpine Skiing and related disciplines.